Introducing a standard National nuc into 14x12 brood box?

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Jul 12, 2009
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Sanderstead Surrey
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I am sure the answer to my query is somewhere on the forum but despite searching I cannot find it!

2 weeks ago I hived a standard 5 frame nuc in a 14x12 national hive and added 6, 14x12 frames and foundation. All is going along well with the new frames starting to be drawn out and populated, but obviously the girls are now extending the original 5 standard frames from the nuc with wild comb. I know that I can at the appropiate stage cut out these additions which are potentially highly populated with drone brood as part of my varroa control BUT is there an accepted/ recommended procedure to switch over to the correct size frames (14x 12) throughout without doing a shook swarm later in the year?

Advice from a wiser head would be appreciated
Hi There

I dont fall into the wiser head category, but you could rotate the frames to the outside eventually removing, or if you have a spare brood box, do a Bailey Comb Change.
Fill that space so they cannot extend those frames. It will be worker brood anyway (under-developed colonies don't usually build drone brood first). IMO, just wasted time and energy building that wild comb. Those combs shpuld be at the back of the hive space so will be taken out as the nest moves toward the entrance.

Regards, RAB
o90o has given you the answer but if this helps. I have been converting to 14x12 this year. I have done a demaree (in the end) because I needed to introduce swarm control as well (only one hive at that time).

But, until the darlings started making QCs I had intended to use (and had already made-up) some old manley frames and ply to do exactly what o90o suggested. Cut them down, block them out and then simply wire the old manley top bar to the base of your existing nat brood frames.
I Have been doing a mixture of rotating frames out as well as putting on extensions (saves them having to re-build all the frames again). You can get them from a well known supplier (T*****s).

They are simple to apply, but ensure you have a rampin or push pin tool to put the pins in, using a hammer on a live frame is not recommended. If you practice on a new frame, you will find it is actually harder to do than on a 'live' frame as the comb makes the frame much stronger.

The main points to bear in mind when doing this are:

1/ be well prepared with a plan.
2/ You cannot do this wearing gloves (except thin Nitrile or Latex)
3/ It is a two person task
4/ And for me, this is the most important one - You cannot hold 3/8 gimp pins in your mouth when wearing a veil and expect to be able to use them.

Just another option to consider.

That must be 'Toproofs' if he stocks those sizes. Ooh, spelt it wrong. I meant Rooftops (for the new members).

Regards, RAB
Well I never, Tesco's are now doing beekeeping supplies, I would never had seen that coming.
Thanks guys I just needed a push to think in the right direction. I have bought some Hoffman converter clips as I already have spare obsolete national bb standard side bars and foundation and will trim to size, remove wild comb and extend frames (and fit with the help of another beek).
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