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Colony for Sale SOLD - Bees - 14x12 BS National Polyhive (+ 2 supers), containing healthy colony w. 2023 Queen

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Sep 7, 2013
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14x12 (Jumbo) BS National High-density Polystyrene Beehive (+ 2 supers complete with clean, drawn comb), containing a healthy honeybee colony, headed by a 2023 Queen.

Collection only from Loughborough area.

Due to downsizing, we have the above for sale - priced at £350. More details below:

The Hive:
Is as pictured. It:
  • is a painted, Abelo MKI poly hive, with deep roof - superb kit, and fully compatible with standard wooden hive parts
  • is approx 3 years old - so relatively new
  • is a 14x12 BS National, and comprises:
    • Open mesh floor, with inspection tray and entrance reducer
    • Brood box
    • Poly crown/feeder board
    • Roof
  • contains 11 drawn Hoffman frames + bees (see below)
  • will be supplied with 2 supers full of clean, drawn Hoffman frames, and
  • wire, framed queen excluder

The Bees:
This is a relatively new colony reared by us (not some random swarm) - in fact a prolific, overwintered 6 frame nuc which was bursting out of the box mid-March, and was consequently hived. It is growing rapidly at this point, with a healthy brood pattern, and currently having 5 frames of brood in all stages. We won’t release bad bees. The colony is headed by a young, 2023 Queen (marked red) and is currently exiting its spring treatment with thymol (Apiguard).

All our Queens are home-reared, from a mix of progenies (Buckfast, Carniolan), adapted over time, so are ‘local bees’, reared to be gentle and prolific, and with relatively low swarming propensity *

* Obviously, honeybees cannot be “trained”, so we are unable to warranty any ‘negative’ behaviours once they leave us - including swarming or change in temperament

We can, and will, provide the buyer both descriptive and photographic updates on the condition of the colony as a matter of course - and at any point, on request.



We strongly recommend that a buyer inspects the colony themselves before transportation. This would require an arranged inspection prior to dusk, and transportation shortly thereafter, once the flying bees have returned.
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