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All I ask is that we respect each other's opinions without attempting to dissect them ad nauseam.
Things have happened to all of us that we can't explain. Some things "work" for some and not for others and there is little point trying to convert others to your opinion. It is what it is.
If you are that keen on protracted discourse try THIS THREAD
Hey no fair! At least it was taken to the cupboard under the stairs.
Better at what?
Cleaning your car?
Removing lime scale from your toilet?
Our bodies are such wonderful biochemical laboratories it will not make much difference to them what form simple sugars come in.
Dear Drex, I have something of a bone to pick with you. You stated, absolutely clearly, that honey is better for cleaning your car. You were so emphatic about this that you even ended the line with a little symbol that I take to be a hosepipe! Well, my car was a bit dusty so I followed your advice. Honestly, Drex, I'm not certain you know what you're talking about! Are you eating enough honey to avoid dementia I wonder? Anyway, car now filthy with much more dust than before, or is it limescale? Of course, more honey will fix it! Thank you Drex, you should write a book about this, you're a genius!!!
RFOL ... not having had my hair cut since February 2020 ... at least part of your description fits !

I know dowsing does not work for everyone and I've also discovered that some people who don't accept that it works are (suprisingly) capable of dowsing .... they then struggle to find reasons why the rods have worked in their hands !

You can convince some of the people some of the time but you will never convince all of the people all of the time ...
I have to say I'm about the least 'hippy' type of person around :( God, I would have loved to be a bit cool like a hippy (and it's probably not even cool to think being a bit like a hippy would be cool - see, just not cool 😯). Anyway, when my wife and I first began making our living on our (then) smallholding she lost her wedding ring while harvesting winter turnips for the livestock. A friend had told us he had a metal detector so we raced around to ask to borrow it. He gave us two bent welding rods and we looked at him like he was an idiot - as would many here I guess. We were going to leave without them but he put us to the test. He had a large sitting room with two large rugs and made us leave the room. He placed a 2p piece under one of the (really quite large rugs) and then asked us to come back in, gave one of us the rods, and as we walked across the rugs, one after the other, the rods definitely crossed, just once and at one specific point. We peeled back the rugs completely and every single time we were right over the coin. Never did find my wife's wedding ring, which we suspect came off when she was washing the turnips under the outdoor tap and simply went down the drain, but I did find a very elaborate herringbone drainage system under our main field. I didn't believe at all, load of rubbish I thought. If it is 'a thing' my guess would be some ancient instinctive twitch in the muscles somewhere that once helped our ancestors discover hidden water sources. Birds and bees fly using, to us, invisible paths so it's not without precedent perhaps.
Okay, load up them shotguns but I warn you . . . I've already put in my earplugs so I probably won't hear you :music-smiley-014::music-smiley-023::music-smiley-026:
A footnote to the dowsing debate! When I was aged about 10 our family got interested in the subject. It turned out that the old lady who lived at The Hall in the village seemed to be able to dowse using a forked hazel stick. I got no response from my efforts but when she held my wrists, the stick behaved as if she was holding it . We discovered that my mother also had the ‘gift’. However she, a mildly devoted Christian, subsequently refused to have anything more to do with it as she felt her body was being taken over by a supernatural force! I think it a mistake not to be open minded on the subject.
A footnote to the dowsing debate........We discovered that my mother also had the ‘gift’. However she, a mildly devoted Christian, subsequently refused to have anything more to do with it as she felt her body was being taken over by a supernatural force!
Not God, then? 😉

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