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Cant help wondering if its actually legal for them to sell this as Manuka Honey, there is no way they can confine the bees to the few tress they have. Thats like me planting a bunch of clover outside my hive and selling it as Clover Honey,or a heather plant in a pot on the roof and calling it heather honey Whilst it may make the news i have a little niggling voice at the back of my mind saying that no good will come of it.

I am not sure how much Manuka as a percentage has to be present to call it Manuka honey.
By pollen analysis if my memory is working, Bcrazy can you confirm? 65% is required to make a verital honey like Heather.

The Daily mail are weeks behind everybody else on this story. Why get Manuka honey from Cornwall when you can get the original item from NZ for normal prices? My son sent me a jar from NZ the other week and I have nearly finished it - I put it on my toast. Putting it on parts of your body is just plain silly.
Personally I don't like the taste of Mannuka... I bought a pot from the health shop a couple of years ago, I cannot get over the taste of germolene that it has.... it is like eating antiseptic ointment, I wouldn't buy it if it was £1 per jar, so £55 seems ridiculous. It just goes to show you what a little hype can do. :)
Pretty sure i read a marketing report about it a while back, which clearly suggested that no one in NZ would touch Manuka honey with a barge pole and it was considered to be a dam nuisance that the bees insisted on visiting it. Time to reinvent the wheeel and all of a sudden its the best thing since sliced bread.

Having lived in that area of cornwall for a while there is certainlylots of alternative forage, lets face it, its situated in a sub tropical garden, the chance of it hitting 25% let alone 65% are slim. Maybe someone stands over the jars shaking Manuka pollen in after its been extracted.

Well I had some NZ manuka honey a few minutes ago for my supper and i couldn't taste any germoline???? It was alright as honey but nothing fantastic. Not in the same league as heather or borage that i think are really nice.
My son seems to think that quite a bit is sold and from what I can taste of it I cannot see why not. The honey I have was creamed so whether it granulates like OSR I don't know. But if it does that might be why some think it is a nuisance.
It's from the same stable (freudian slip there?) as "UK tea" from the same estate, sold at a similarly mind-boggling price - it's a clever marketing exercise - hype it up as being "rare and exclusive", and those with more money than sense will beat a path to your door............

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