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Apr 22, 2010
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No bees yet, still reading David Cramps manual of beekeeping and phoning about a few courses first. Brace yourselves for yet another barrage of newbie daft questions, but if you dont ask you cannot learn. Great forum.
Hi Dave.

Good book to read. Welcome to the forum.

And dinna fret- we have already asked those questions- only way to learn. Have you a chance of getting a mentor near you to shadow your hive openings for the first couple of times. I found it the best help.
One day course May 19th in Brighton area - still 5 spaces.
Welcome, Cramp is a very good place to start, as is this forum. Most of what I currently do wrong I was originally taught to do right on this forum!
Hi Dave, good book to read. and where abouts in shropshire are you?
i am in Oswestry
Hi davethegas, i am a newbie to, i have inherited 2 wbc hives, i went to see them yesterday and one has no bees in it. so i opened the other one which has lots of bees in it, i put the crown board back on and stood i front of it thinking, what do i do now!!! lol.

so i went home, i have today got some advise from some bee keepers on what to do next, i think my message is we all have to start somewhere and bee keepers are great people always willing to help, so go for it mate!!
Definitely go for it davethegas. Got my first bees yesterday and still hyper.
andyroberts, top man, thats gonna be me next year. What do you do next? lol ho ho.

pete, great to hear that, but tell me, how did you get to that point? A course, self taught, or just dive in?
Attended my local association winter course. Read and reread and then read again Hooper. Brilliant book. Also joined the forum in Feb and totally absorbed all the advice.
Ordered one nuc fir June delivery but then through local chaps was put in touch with a fellow forum member who apart from supplying the Nucs thus week was also extremely helpful and supportive.
Groundwork is the name of the game here and then go for it.
Have also worked out that you can make most of the kit thereby saving mega bucks.
On the self construction point watch Hedgerow Petes series of videos, brilliant.

Thats a good foundation to work from. I`m going get the basics and hopefully a local mentor this season then get all the gear for next. No rush.
Forgot an important point. Joined the local association, opens up all there apiary meetings although they encourage newbees to attend even if they have not joined. Could be something to do this year.

Good idea, I do know of a course in Stafford where I work, going to enquire, also here where I live.

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