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Sep 15, 2021
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Hello All,
I did a great beginners course last year, and joined my local association. Now have 3 colonies, 2 of them swarms brought by a friend and my mentor. The association and mentor have been invaluable.
I've been lurking on the forum for a while, and learned so much, along with absorbing information from BIBBA, Stuart Spinks, BMH, and David Evans. Somewhere in that lot there is a middle ground.
Before retirement I was a doctor, so love the mixture of practical, learning, doing, and problem solving. One day I aspire to adequacy; at the moment I am still in the 'investment and incompetence' phase; slowly transitioning into conscious incompetence, and making plans for how to do better next year. It's actually very refreshing to start something new and have to work hard to grasp the basics, and even harder to actually put them, falteringly, into action. It will be a while before I have to trouble my accountant about honey sales.
I've not yet had to ask any questions - mainly because the forum is a rich source of information; vaping, Nosema (or not), swarms and Demarees and much else, and so on - solar wax extractor built, weighing in winter, feeding, fondant, pond in garden for bees to drink from... I've thrown my matchsticks away.
I've also learned to temper following advice with checking the location of the person posting, and the need to translate that according to the local conditions.
While not wanting to start another thread I also find it deeply ironic that I spent my professional life being (strongly) encouraged to prescribe generically by the government, and yet can only legally clean my hives with generic OA, because of laws passed by the same government.
So thanks for being here, some people spend some considerable time contributing regularly, even if us lurkers don't post back much, it is really useful, and does raise a smile sometimes.
Hi John and welcome.
You’ll find the world of bees absolutely fascinating. Relax and enjoy them.
There are a few doctors to keep you company and two ( as far as I know) vets on the forum.
Welcome John, I also started last year and now have four hives. Everydays a learning day, it’s quite addictive isn’t it! Have also learnt so much from this forum, such a valuable tool of information.
Welcome John,
I can tell from your summary that you’ve already learned a lot.
I hope you don’t spend as long as I have at the conscious incompetence stage.....
Give my love to Suffolk, where my roots once were👍

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