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Mar 27, 2009
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some of my spring crop has been discribed as frosting in the jar- help is this normal!
If it is spring crop, it may well be or have a high oil seed rape component. OSR honey is highly crystaline. So if frosted means 'granular' then that could be it - and it's normal. Is the honey quite light in colour almost a milky light straw colour? If it is then that also points toward OSR dervied nectar / honey. R
As I understand it frosting occurs when bottled honey quickly granulates to a hard (sometimes rock hard) consistency, as you might expect to happen with OSR. The frosting occurs between the sides/edges of the honey and the glass jar as the honey leaves an air gap. This gives rise to the "frosting".

Again as I understand it the frosting is in no way detrimental to the honey product.

I stand to be corrected.

Is the only way to get rid of the frosting to gently heat the honey?

thankyou for your replie's, it has still been selling well. it just doesnt look good from a potential buyer's point of view, but then i have been convincing them that it is perfectly safe and just part of the granular process. thanks again.
Better if you put your fresh extracted honey into buckets to let the initial crystalization to take place,seed if needed,then warm and bottle at later date.
ok can you explain -seed? all summer crop in buckets and soft set at moment, managed 90 pounds from 3.colonies,

currently thinking of ivy honey as i sold 20 + jars, and people loved the strong taste, obviously will leave it for 6 months set as its better with age. good dark, strong flavoured honey, the only problem is taking it so late in the season so i only take a few frames from each colony. :)

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