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Queen Bee
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Nov 8, 2008
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Who likes fishing,and what sort do you do,coarse,game,sea, all.whats your best fish.
Sea fishing for me.

My best is a cod of 22lb off the needles IOW 3 years ago,a guy fishing next to me had one of 34lb the same day and got his picture in sea angler.

I like to fish for sole off of nice sandy beaches late in the evening.

Been a bit lazy this year andonly fished once,I must dust off my gear and have a trip.
I like all of it,we have boat for sea fishing,but do not get much time to go,my best cod was 19lb but have caught 84lb porbeagle,love coarse fishing,nice and relaxing.But if i feel more energetic i love fly fishing for trout,and making my own flys.
My father is a big fly man.

He travels to Scotland a couple of times a year from the south coast for a week at a time just to fly fish even though he is in his eighties.

His home turf is the Test for trout,I think its his flys that keeps him interested in life.
I lived in scotland for a while and loved the fishing,your father is a lucky man to fish on the test,very fine river,its his love of his sport that keeps him young,well done.

Used to be a big Coase fisherman in school days, fishing at dinner time, and after school most days, some called me obsessed, but it is pretty good when you beat your teachers in compitions, I had the biggest carp! hehe

Just sold all of my tackle a couple of weeks ago on ebay, bar one rod and that is my fly tackle. I like it as it is pure, you can go with little more than a box of flies in your pocket, a pair of forceps, net, and rod. This allows you to go on a nice walk, and if you spot a bit of water cast a line.



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