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Aug 24, 2009
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Wiltshire, Somerset, S Glos & S Oxfordshire
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Well, who;d have thought it ?!

Ireland out - gutsy performance but not enough in the tank - Sexton looked an old man in the final 15 mins he should have been subbed
France out - wow what a game but the depth of strength on the SA bench is awe inspiring.
England through - against a tough Fijian team but I doubt they will have enough in the tank to trounce SA nest weekend.

Whoever put money on Ireland winning you've lost your horse !!!
It's been very entertaining. And the South African game was brilliant to watch for neutrals. I was kinda neutral, though favouring South Africa slightly as I think I would rather have England lose to South Africa than to France!
The A Bees through to the big waggle dance. A try scoring machine.
Some gorgeous rugby union in that game, but not close. Will Jordan was great.
Such a pity England couldn’t just win that. A+ for effort and discipline. They should have kept Marler on
Yea...they played their hearts out...agree, should have kept the front row as it was...they were awesome. Experience shone through....big shame they lost in the final minutes after such a fight.
SWMBO asked me this morning why I couldn't be more like the england team
Stay on top for 78 minutes and still come second
My partner said I must be Welsh……..finished before the serious bit started😉

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