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Aug 8, 2009
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Hi All
Has anybody tried exomite, and if so what did you think were the strengths and weaknesses of this treatment? (Wanting to know if it is worth considering.)
Now why on earth would anybody visit a forum for the first time, not bother introducing themselves and then start mentioning a particular product by name?
Obviously entirely innocent.........
After one post we should give them the benefit of the doubt.

Seems like a good question to me.

from which
"In addition, the software can avoid the suspicions of forum administrators by first registering to make a post in the form of a question which mentions the spam product ("Where can I get...?"), before registering another account to post a spam link which mentions the product. The side effect of these innocent-looking posts is that helpful forum visitors may search on a search engine (e.g. Google) for the product and themselves post a link to help out, thus bolstering the product's Google stats without falling foul of forum posting policies"
May not be first visit,join date 8th august.

Seems like resonable question to me as well.
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The product does exist 'cos I just googled it.
A company in Hampshire.

The poster lives in Sheffield, but as you say Bros, there can be ulterior motives for this.
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Hi Warts

Don't mind them, they just need to get out more..............

Not used exomite myself but some I know tried it a while ago and found it very hit and miss. Some bees would not even cross the trays and once exposed to damp the product clumps and loses much of it's effectiveness.

Given the fact it's been around a while with little uptake I would consider other options first.

Regards Ian
fairy nuff - I'm probably "trigger happy" as I spend a lot of time dealing with spam on another forum......... "mentioning a company by name" in a first post tends to be a bit of a giveaway for a lot of them...... :cheers2:
Never used it. Seems too much like icing sugar to me, and icing sugar is cheap.

Seriously, presumably only mail order on the net? Never seen it stocked at Thorne. Might be at others. Would be more popular if very good. I presume therefore expensive and no better, than or perhaps worse than other treatments. Presuming, of course.

Regards, RAB
Tried it on one hive last year, bees pouring out the entrance covered in white stuff looking very distressed (maybe because there was still a flow from balsam) Didn't give the 2nd dose and used Apiguard instead - that hive is now probably the strongest of the lot with the lowest mite drop.

Like most things Exomite isn't 'approved' although I'm sure Thornes have sold it in the past and it is usually on open sale/promotion at Stoneleigh by the supplier/manufacturer.
Product guide http://www.exosect.com/product_guide/exomite_apis/exomite_apis.asp



A cooperative trial was undertaken in Florida, USA between the FDACS, Division of Plant Industry, Bureau of Methods Development and Biological Control, the Apiary Inspection Section and Exosect LTD in autumn 2004. Thirty honey bee hives infested with varroa mite were located at a bee yard near Umatilla, Florida. The hives were randomized and 10 replicate hives were used for each of three treatments: (1) two applications of powdered sugar incorporated into the Exomite Apis system on day 0 and 12; (2) two applications of thymol incorporated into the Exomite Apis system on day 0 and 12; and (3) two applications of Exomite standard product incorporated into the Exomite Apis system on day 0 and 12. Each application consisted of placing the contents of a 25 g sachet of the test material on a shallow tray which was placed within the hive entrance. The placement was done at mid-day to facilitate the distribution of the test material into the hive for dispersion within the colony. Trays were removed when all test material was absent from the tray. The results showed that a low population of mites initially was not controlled effectively by the test materials resulting in a gradual buildup evidenced by the fluvalinate treatment results.


Old stuff but not achieved success...so it seems
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Whouly mouly!

One treatment! http://www.agri-nova.co.uk/download/ExomiteQA.pdf

Q. How long will each treatment last?
A. The application period is 24 days. The first sachet of powder should be put in the applicator and placed in the hive for 12 days, followed by a second consecutive application, which should be left in the hive for another 12 days.
OK, sorry folks...didn't mean to disregard protocol :iamwithstupid:.

So just to say...I have used this site for useful info in the past...though never had to post a question before because I have usually found the info after a search (often people have already asked the same question so seems reasonable to try search first). However, couldn't find much on exomite and had recently seen an add for it in a magazine. I had 'googled' it, but not much in terms of a review of the product,at least none I could find other than the companies own (limited) statistics. Given that we are talking about livestock I wanted to see what other people thought before I committed myself (and more importantly my bees) to anything that might do more harm than good...if I make a mistake buying a TV I might be miffed but will live with it...don't really want to take this approach with my bees.

However some of you appear to have tried it and not been too impressed (which may partly explain the dearth of positive reviews on the www). Again, my apologies...will be much more respectful next time, promise! And thanks for responding.
I don't think you disregarded anything to be frank, it was just unfortunate that your first post mentioned a commercial product (as it turns out, entirely innocently).
At least a couple of us who've posted in this thread moderate, or are admins on other forums - we get a constant barrage of spammers of various sorts (everything from "todger pill" adverts to more subtle sorts, like the ones placed by sophisticated software programmes), so we tend to "fire from the hip" - my apologies!:cheers2:
Hi Warts

No need to apologise, and a perfectly sensible question.

Personaly I would leave the policing down to admin when it's needed and leave the conspiracy theories to others.............

I hope you are not put off and keep asking the questions it's what the forum is there for.

Regards Ian
That was a good question. Interesting is that such a product lives even if it is not so smart.
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