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May 27, 2009
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I have done a Hive check this morning, on one of my hives that swarmed in May , i check my hives regularly but to be quite honest rarely check supers, i just take them off and check the brood box and then replace them i was very suprised to find Eggs and larva at all stages in the second super above the QE fitted to this hive ?
Checked the brood box to find Eggs and Larva at all stages below QE in brood box, I didn't see her majesties on either side of QE, although with Eggs present i know she is knocking around somewhere
I can only assume a virgin queen passed through the QE into the supers and i now have two colonies in one hive, as anyone had this happen to them, if so any advice would be appreciated.
I have left them to get on with it, as they seem quite happy with the situation without my intervention
I have heard stories of workers moving eggs around and even above the QE, perhaps this is another example?
I've have a hived swarm behave in the same way- I presume there were 2 queens present.
I've also had what I assume are laying workers start laying in the super- take a look at the position of the eggs- all my capping were drone brood.