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Dec 31, 2008
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Shropshire, uk
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Not many( 10's not 100's), but there does appear to be a steady flow of dead/dying bees under the hive (my apparently strongest, flying well and bringing in store, just finished feeding and brood feels full of stores).

Their wings look ok, no varroa on them, the odd drone is being hefted out but there are a number around the hive and I notice the odd one or two crawling around the grass.

is this normal? Are they naturally reducing their numbers for the winter?

A bee keeping friend said not to worry but I do!

I wouldnt worry unless there are 100s of dead bees. They are probably old bees.
Thanks Veg _ I was hoping you'd say that! There certianly are'nt 100's but a steady few every day it would seem.

However, you mention robbing Rooftops - this hive seems to have shifted slightly (its on a slight incline) and the contact feeder leaked as it emptied- I was aware of attracting other bees but did'nt notice any but then I am not there all time!

Thank you for your replies.

All hives have hundreds of bees dying every day as they wear themselves out. Are there any dead wasps around the entrance?
No, no wasps - I have seen a few around but that was a few weeks ago now. They appear very placid at the moment and uninterested in me. It is still very mild in Shropshire. They are bringing in yellow and small amounts of pale grey pollen.

Cheers, Floss
On the subject of dead bees, i have noticed several dotted around the paths of my allotment, some dead, others just... err... resting? They appear very lethargic? Is this just old bees dying off? Never really seen lots of them, just a few here and there. Even noticed one on a leaf the other day with only one wing, im not convinced that was a bee, though, it had yellow mouth parts and was ever so slightly bigger? Hornet prehaps?