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Looking at these bees, the first thought that hit me was the potential and partial poisoning. Just a thought.
Just what I would have done Viridens, so satisfying knowing you have given them a chance. Surely with poisoning, partial or otherwise, they would not have recovered in the sun?
In US, during dandelion bloom, many homeowners "treat" their lawns with greeny smelly herbicide to kill dandelion and other weeds in urban areas, which typically causes partial poisoning of honeybees during spring buildup. This past spring I heard a report from a beek in Dallas, TX, area about such loss. Depending on the location and the vicinity to such lawns, the degree of poison may have been varied.
In US, during dandelion bloom, many homeowners "treat" their lawns with greeny smelly herbicide to kill dandelion and

That happened in Finland 50 years ago when park department killed dandelions. Cloud of suffering bees were around the hives.

Private owners have noticed that they will have same dandelions on the lawn next year, if they kill plants. Seed will fly into root holes. And life continues.
Always interesting to see what gets thrown out of the hive. Today this colony seems to have found, killed and thrown out a greater wax moth larva


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I read up on the previous posts and thought that Finny is a far better bet than the yank or aussie. I would much more often agree with Finny than them. He knows his stuff (and gets good yields). I come across beekeepers who think they know but are too far away to have any real input.

But, there will always be more good answers from the UK - even though there are a good number offer advice (and are asking basic questions at the same time) who should read and not be seen.

Probably some (not all, of course - if the cap fits....etc) americans and aussies are only good for flow hives? Like recycling cells in a hive, they often seem to argue that it is less than 25 days for worker and around 29 days for drone.

But never mind, Finny trumps most. That is for sure.

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