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      masterBK replied to the thread Frames of BIAS.
      I keep most of my colonies on a double brood system and select queens that can handle my way of working the bees. Therefore by end of...
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      masterBK replied to the thread Any scouts at your swarm trap?.
      Went down to the out-apairy on Monday to find a large swarm near the top of a tall tree way way beyond the reach of my 3 piece ladder...
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      masterBK replied to the thread LimeWatch UK.
      Limes just opened in my part of south Yorkshire (nearly hundred trees within half a mile of my out apiary ) and the bees are working it...
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      masterBK replied to the thread I’ve got BEEEEEES!!.
      Really ? I wonder if the bees in the two hives I keep in the back garden know that . They certainly work the Hellabores, crocuses...
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      masterBK replied to the thread Your oldest queen?.
      Many beekeepers that claim to have very old queens also don't tend to mark queens so can't really prove it! The oldest queen I ever had...
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