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Nov 24, 2008
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Gloucestershire uk
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I read allotment holders/ small holders were having big problems growing decent crops and found out that it was the farm manure that caused the problem. The farmers are being advised to use a grass insecticide on crops the cows eat it put it back into the manure, then got put on the allotments and have contaminated the soil for years.
anybody have any other news on this?
All the best mike
the biggest trouble for me with manure is not being able to get hold of the stuff , soooooo many stupid council rules and so many more idiot farmers how wont help them selves and get some cash, the guy who does my muck loads brings it in 10 ton loads from over 30 miles away cause all the other local farmers are bone idol idiots how wont get off there arses and earn money they want it given to them
na the problem is cow poo is legal classed as a toxic waste comming as is does from a cows bum
to legaly move it you would have to have a waste carriers licence and you could only carry it from and to another licenced waste carriers yard, so if you have a load in the back of the trailer you are transporting poo illegaly and if you get nicked they will want to know where your poo has come from and they get nicked to
this does bring up a little side point since it is now almost ilegal to do any thing with poo and that also includes selling it it is big style against the law to sell toxic waste , nuclear ,asbestos, poo?

the farmer i use struggles to get supplies to birmingham cause we use so much poo in brum so its not full of poo as every one thinks!!

he charges £10 a tonn with loads only ten tones at a time but i split it with others so it works out cheaper.
i went around asking all the local farmers and none were interested in sticking ten tons in there trailer dropping it at the allotments and driving home with £100 quid in there pockets the guy i used ripped my arm off when i asked him
I still do not think you should be classing them as bone idle idiots who won't help themselves.If i went around with that attitude i would have very few bee sites,most of the farmers i know work very hard,and are most certainly not idiots.As for toxic waste,then its spread over most of the fields round here,with a $h%t spreader.
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They have even managed to invent a form for cow poo now.

By law a farmer must now measure the levels of nitrogen in it and record the results.
Poo is not hazardous waste and does not require special disposal, well thats what DEFRA, the enviroment agency and my local council told me last year when I was arranging a dog Agility show and was faced having to dispose of 200+ dogs worth of crap.

What other form of toxic waste can be spread over the countryside? ;)
all animal waste is a hazard a bio hazard, whether the council will enforce its position or not is where people bottle out , do you take the risk of council rath or not

Poo is not hazardous waste and does not require special disposal, well thats what DEFRA, the enviroment agency and my local council told me last year when I was arranging a dog Agility show and was faced having to dispose of 200+ dogs worth of crap.

What other form of toxic waste can be spread over the countryside? ;)

what position does the council have to enforce?

Poo is not hazardous waste, all the red dog poo bins (like this one)


are emptied into the dust carts and taken to landfill with everything else, farmers are in the process of spreading as much muck over the fields around here as they possibly can, if it was hazardous they wouldn't be allowed to do it.

unpleaseant yes, hazardous no.
I picked up a few tons of horse manure from the farm at the end of Frankley Lodge Road, Northfield about 2 years ago. I can't remember details because it was arranged by somebody else. We only drove about 2 miles to dump it at nearby allotments but I was aware it probably wasn't a good idea to stop outside the chippy on the way, tempting as it was.
Is horse muck inferior? I always remember my old grandad had a bucket in the boot of the car, even on his Sunday afternoon drive, just in case he came across a pile of brown gold.
Hedgerow. dung is not hazardous waste,or else it would be on the news every day,farmers cought in act,spreading dung on fields, to manufacture or sell a dung spreader would be illegal. Where would all the dung in the country be sent to,who would walk all the fields to collect it?
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200 dog poo's say two each average size 300 grams ( labrador size)equals 120 kilos
there is 10,000 kilos to a trailer plus the surface area which will cause water run off and then ground water contamination ect ect
Poo by its very nature is a bio product and underenviromental act 1991 and the control of pollution act 1974 all forms of waste and its movements are to be recorded and can only be made my licenced waste handlers and to and from licenced waste disopal point or yards, i was speaking to some one else last night and the reason why poo is not avalible in this area is because all the farms are on council rented farms and as such are all strickly controled, " where has all you poo gone and wheres me rent"
So by what you are saying ,no farmers in your area own there farms so cannot spread dung on this land,and all other farmers in the country with livestock,and horse owners with dung heaps who spread this dung, are breaking the law. So why are they not all in court. where is the enforcement to stop this going on. don't even know where in this area these waste disposal points or yards are.must be just another law thats not enforced. There are a great many stupid laws.
Would laugh to see you weighing the dog poo, Pete.
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what i am say is this ,farmers can do anything they want with thier own poo on thier own land yopu only get problems when you start to sell a waste product to unlicenced carriers and allow it to be taken to unlicenced point of disposal, yes farmers have been slinging it every where for years , now read the rest of the farming reports about water run off's nitrogen levels in steams ect ect,
i ant fussed what people think , i have to write a legal document on a building site call a waste management plan, i am sure that hivermaker as a bussiness man has had to write one they are a required by all councils in the uk,if you were to sell poo and this is my other end of the point is , if you were to sell a quanity of poo. again 10,000 kilo say this would be a bussiness transaction and as such would need by law ,
1 a coshh sheet for poo i have never seen onethat will also need a list of its ingrediants.
asheet or transfer note, this would have to have a description of its type , ie poo
its 6 digit european waste catalogue number or code
how it is contained,
and its quanity, these records will then have to be kept for two years again by law and a copy sent to the person wanting said poo,

the reason why i have started this poo platform was simply , that i belive the main of farmers 75% are bone idle scrongers that want to have the govenerment funding stopped and made to justify them selves, and if you want to know why i think these thing my uncle was a pig farmer for 60 years and my nephew still is
That also explains why most give it away,or pick your own,no law broken at all,plus that substance called cash. But i don't agree that 75% of farmers are bone idle, idiots,who are nothing but scroungers. A lot of my friends and family are farmers,and they are far from being that. Would you walk up to one of the farmers in your area and say,hi you bone idle idiot,can i put some bee's on your land. I suspect not,because you keep them in town. The farmers in my area are hill farmers,sheep and cattle mainly, and i have great respect for these people,in return i also have unlimited sites for bee's.
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Never has so much s%&t been said about a load of crap!

True story
a few years ago I was taking bees to the heather and me helper got cut short So I stopped at a fish farm and asked the owner for a couple of his fish the lad asked if he could use the loo.
The owner said he would have to go round the back of the shed, So off he went pronto.

The owner then said he would test his newly installed security camera.
Well I have never laughed so much in my life to see a big bloke get his kecs down so fast, show his big bum to an audience, then still bent over running around looking for a large leaf and trip over brambles into stingers.
Not a word was said on his return we had two trout apiece free.
moral of this story go befor you have to
All the best mike
Hi Mike ,seen a similar thing on a fishing trip, a large guy cut short, bobbed down , kecks down only to fall backwards into the nettles :):)..
funny ,he didn't see the humour in it :laughing-smiley-014

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