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Jun 24, 2009
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cheapest sugar I have found so far is Lidl at 84p per 1kg pack - anyone know of a cheaper source?
As pete said your local bakers/cake makers are the best.

Tell them it is for the bees, the guy I use is realy keen to help out, + a jar of honey greases the wheels:cheers2:

I also get my fondant of him, all at prices related to his bulk purchases with prices passed directly to me even for my small buys.
the guy i get it from when i phoned him up had not got a clue why i wanted it , to him honey comes in jars not bee's , but he does bags of ten bags of sugar.for £6.50 , for cash only point is he needs three days notice if you want more than three sets of ten bags because he does not carry it as stock if you know what i mean
Hi Dave,
A couple of questions spring to mind:
1. What is the purpose of sulphite as an 'additive' in sugar, is is an anti caking agent or preservative?
2. What are the effects of sulphite on the bees?
The question of course is open to anyone with the specific working knowledge.
Are there any additives in the Wilkinsons brand because my wife has a discount card for that place :)
I'm guessing but possibly a carry-over in the process of refining? Especially if it is beet sugar.

It may not be 'an additive' afterwards?

Regards, RAB
What about bookers now that we have access if your a bbka member? 12kg for 7.74 yesterday.

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