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Dec 13, 2009
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After watching the American dcoumentary on failing hives the other week I'm not surprised they are losing so many colonies. Transporting them 1000's of miles whilst hibernating must cause an amazing amount of stress. The stress itself would leave the creature open to disease. Neon tetra when stressed come out in white spots and soon die untreated. Even humans are more open to viruses and are generally unwell during stress let alone a hibernating insects!

What aree you views on this?
Don't take neon tetra's to pollinate almonds....:)
Hi Ely
I think i made a similar observation as you, they also keep them closed up for long periods, too long for my liking.
AND they're then expected to work on a heftily chemicalised monoculture! :svengo:
I suppose it can't be good for them if they can't clean out their dead. Maybe if by instinct they feel they should fly out during warmer winter days and they are trapped inside you might get a stressed bee similar to one trying to fly through a window pane. Just thinking out liud. Might be complete tosh
AND they're then expected to work on a heftily chemicalised monoculture! :svengo:

Before moving on to the next,if they are still alive,if not pour in some packages that have travelled all the way from Aus,and expect them to do the same.
There's been a spate of films on the subject, and what struck me very strongly is the total lack of respect many of those "beekeepers" have for their bees (in one film, a major player in the pollination trade actually said "they're only bugs")........... Cut to a London beekeeper who talks to his "ladies" while he's tending them, and was "having no problems") :)
I actually dislike that term PACKAGE bee's,sounds like something you just pop down to tesco's and pick up of the shelf.
Is it true that bees are the only livestock you can send via Royal Mail? I always find it a bizarre thought
i had a package bee last summer, thankfully i managed to remove her before any damage was done.

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