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May 25, 2009
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Hi - I'm a newbie and around 18.00 I noticed a lot of bees around the entrance to my national. They are just sitting on the wall of the hive above the entrance - a few are fanning, but most are just sitting there. No fighting. Theres lots, guessing 500. They were still there at 20.15 - whats going on? My colony is an early June swarm. Last time I looked (fortnight ago - they are a bad tempered lot) they were busy in the 14x12 brood box, with drawn out frames, eggs, brood and had put some stores into the super, still in the nectar stage. :confused: Thanks for any help.
Hi Beehave
There have been a few posts like this, it sounds as though they are just hanging around, its cooler outside than inside, wont be anything to worry about.
Is it warm where you are tonight? It's actually warm here, not just mild. They're probably just keeping cool. If it cools off later they'll go inside. Mine used to do it when we had warm summers, and I had big colonies. Happy days!

thanks guys - yes, its been a beautiful day and when I went out at 20.30 after posting I noticed a few gaps so some of them had gone in and then I wondered if it was just the heat. Lots to learn!
Probably just sun bathing
I think it is also foragers with nothing to do. Hive populations at this time of the year are declining and during this period there are redundant workers.
Just chilling after a hard days work:cheers2: Mike

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