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Dec 14, 2008
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East Yorkshire
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The BeeKeepers Quarterly can now be seen on the web at

This will be a free, try it and see service to beekeepers for the March & May 2009 editions.There will be a small charge to subscribe after this time-
Thanks for posting the link... I have just had a quick swish through.... will read properly later. The article on african beekeeping was interesting...
I didn't know there was a magazine specifically for beekeeping... it's great :)
Yes, very nice. I did find the reader more trouble than it's worth to me though. Possibly because I'm not using windows and unfamiliar with the reader. I can't fault the content though, which seemed interesting. I read part of Tom's exploits of scale in Ohio, but the navigation was far from seamless. I think that if it had been a downloadable pdf I would have read it off-line and wouldn't bilk at the prospect of a small subscription charge for the privilege.
Hombre at the bottom of the reader window is a button marked "Menu" click on this and select "Download pdf". This open up a screen with a thumbnail of all the pages either select individual pages to download or "select all" and job done you have a pdf version

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Thanks for that David, I guess I must be going blind. Very much appreciated. At the end of the day I gave up the fight too easy. Shame on me.

Downloaded, will read at leasure. Grateful to you both; David and Jimbeekeeper.

SUSE Linux 11.1 on an AMD Sempron 2200+ built almost 5 years ago. Not the fastest of hardware, but with four desktops and 11 windows on the go, so busy it's as a bee in the box.
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Thank you for that link - I've downloaded the pdf too. Will read it later.

I didn't know there was a magazine specifically for beekeeping... it's great :)

Surprisingly, we do have a monthly beekeeping magazine in France... (for any other beekeepers in France)
... but - less surprisingly! - it's in French and although I do read French, it isn't with the same casual ease and automatic comprehension I read English so I'd probably subscribe to Beekeeping Quarterly too. I like the fact it's an online subscription as that means I don't have to pay overseas postage rates. 8)

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