Be glad when Christmas is over.

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Jul 23, 2013
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East Midlands
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some + a few more
I've officially had enough now.
Sick of making candles.
Sick of jarring and labelling honey.
Sick of making up gift sets.
If it carries on like this I think by Christmas I'll be back in the asylum :)
I've spend hours and hours making bloody candles about 200 of them and they keep disappearing.
Jarred about 800 jars of honey and labelled the damn stuff and still need more.
As for gift sets don't get me started on that silly idea, takes ages to put them together and then some git buys them.
Granted the bank is happy but I'm about done in. Spent so much time stood in one place my back is giving up.
Recession, I can't see one yet.

Anyone else being driven crazy by the silly season?
Be a Bee farmer they said, it'll be fun they said. You only work hard for 6 month. Blow it out your ear...
What?! It's Christmas again?! Didn't we only have one just last year?

Last year I was sensible and didn't get involved in it.
This year I was talked into sticking my head above the parapet. When I have time there will be a discussion with the person that led me into this ridiculous chaos.
It's still NOVEMBER.
No decorations up yet but I am wrapping presents. Usually I'm a wait until decently into December but this year I feel like starting early, could use a bit of cheer.

Some places have been selling trees for weeks. I presume people are intending to buy a second when the first is bare by the week before Christmas.
I hate it absolutely.
Waste of time off if youre not allowed to get on with jobs that could be done instead
Grandchildren presents for 20 mins tolerable.After that Im just gagging to go back to work(where the decs went up last week)
Maybe when retirement arrives I could review it but until then bloody humbug
I remember when radio stations would not play Christmas songs until December. But its slowly been extended to about 5\6 weeks before Christmas.

That is 10%+ of the year!

Don't get me wrong, I am not mr baa humbug. I like Christmas a lot, but I just seem to get xmas fatigue these days. The xmas songs start too soon, before I feel festive, by the time I do, I am sick of hearing them.

As for the pre xmas sales and black Friday, dont get me started. Unfortunately ebay and online commerce killed the sales. Way back could pick up some bargains in the shops, especially on cloths. But these says is there is a bargain, the first wise punter will snuffle up the whole rack to flog on eBay. So to counter this the shops reduce the prices incrementally, so unless you have size 16 feet you are unlikely to get a really good deal in your size.

So screw the sales, save your money for some extra booze to enjoy with your friends and family. Because lets be honest, thats the best bit about xmas, and the food of cause.

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