bees wax uses medical and balms

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Blimey! Excellent write up thank you, i can attest to the furniture polish and shoe polish.

My addition to the list for thos that shoot black powder firearms is for the fouling lube to use 50 / 50 pure beeswax and olive oil. Throw equal quantities in a bowl and melt them up in the microwave. This is perfect for pan lubing bullets and equally good when soaked while hot into pure felt 4mm wads for bp revolvers.
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Thank you, Pete. I'm so glad you recommend pure turpentine for furniture polish - this is what the National Trust used at one time, but when I phoned recently to check, they'd stopped because of the expense. I still make it because it's the best for old or frassy wood.
A great collection Pete, no doubt, but could have benefited from a spot of editing to put units of measure into like measures for mere mortals.

More value could can be added Pete, after you have used a recipe and can personally recommend it with your own experience of the making and use. What, me polish furniture?

I think that Poly Hive said some time ago, that when using turpentine, that the secret was to use the best, as it is the smell that sells the product.

I have done similar Internet research for propolis and stored some of the more useful articles, but for forum use I feel I need to translate the data into a proven practical system that works for me, here in the UK and with measurements, indicating which ones are likely to be critical and which have more latitude.
Hombre--Looking forward to when you have the Propolis document ready for posting here. Thank you!
This is the list for other uses for bee’s wax some are for medical use like lip balms and hand creams and then some are for shoe polishes. I hope you find them usefull, hedgerow pete
Great resource. Thank you!