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It does look good, cant wait to see the Bees.
Did anyone watch it? What did you think?
I liked the way the beekeeper with all the bees on him went into the building at the end.
I bet every one was trying to find another way out.:laughing-smiley-014
Thats the bit that everyone at work commented on - I've told them that if they give me grief, I shall come into work wearing bees!! Ha ha ha!!!
And as he was wearing the queen pheromone to keep the bees on him without distressing them - how did he get them to leave him:toetap05:
Looking forward to next one where they go into swarm centres.

And those birds were nearly like the b....y pigeons in my garden - And cannot shoot them easily- just a flurry of feathers. Even have dollops of poo on the alighting boards:ack2: I hold my breath when I uncover my compost heaps as there is so much on them - can give a nasty lung infection - am not just being hysterical!!