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Jul 18, 2009
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(23 September 2002, Brazil) A farm keeper from São Paulo decided to remove a beehive from his orange tree. He didn't know exactly how to proceed, but he knew the hive should be burned, and he knew bees sting. So he protected his head with a plastic bag sealed tightly around his neck, grabbed a torch, and went off to fight the bees.
His worried wife went to look for him a few hours later, and found him dead. However, it wasn't the bees that killed him. The plastic bag had protected him from smoke, stingers, and... oxygen! He had forgotten to put breathing holes in the bag.

i love the darwins there so great, when ever i was done i always have a look it just cant be beaten,

the best ever was the guy in germanby who climbed over three fences at a zoo and then after folnling the very big grizzy bears najjers promptly put his size up there and wondered why the bear ate him