Weight of a Paynes 40kg Honey Tank With Valve and lid?

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May 3, 2010
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W Sussex, UK
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I have just extracted my first season's honey and strained into a "Paynes" 40kg Honey Tank but forgot to weigh the tank beforehand so can't gauge total weight of honey harvested. :banghead: Does anyone know the weight of a Paynes 40kg Honey Tank with valve and lid?
Well I guess if its half full you have 20kg etc lol
I just bottle it and count the jars
Calculate the volume:

Pi * r *r * depth. Volume of a jar is the same calculation.
Volume of a jar is the same calculation.

Weigh empty and full of water might be easier......

Thanks for advice, tank is not a regular cylinder, it is a trapezoidal cylinder like a pail of water. Then you have to convert volume to weight of honey based on honey density. Beats my maths!
trapezoidal cylinder

What a funny shape! Do you mean part of a cone? Cone has a volume of one third the volume of a cylinder of that base diameter.

For a trapezium, take the average area of top and bottom.

Regards, RAB
Having just a fine filter of the honey, I know the answer is 3lb 2oz

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