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The sun is out
The sky is blue
There's not a cloud to spoil the view
It's going to rain any minute !

Down here - they say if you can see the Isle of Wight clearly - it's going to rain - if you can't see it clearly - it already is !
You’re in for a bit of a battering overnight down there.
I have to be in Swansea in the morning for my last review. Might catch a bit of it.
The mother and father of all thunderstorms overnight here - lightning that lit the bedroom up and thunder that shook the house ... perhaps my bees that were a bit over interested in me yesterday knew it was coming ? ... Rain had stopped by this morning but it's breezy and 15 degrees now and it feels more like 10 degrees.
Pretty unpleasant here in the early hours. At some points there wasn’t a gap between the lightning and thunder. Rained most of today, wet again tomorrow when SBI comes. Oh joy!
Thunder & lightning early hours and horrendous down pours to follow, grey and o/c all day no wind today, tomorrow a bit on/off according to forecast then for next 8 days days it is looking quite good and very spring like.
cold and wet pretty much all spring in Devon, complete opposite to last year.
wet again tomorrow when SBI comes. Oh joy!
Good luck from me too. I had SBI look into 13 hives two years ago when there was AFB nearby. She got through them in drizzle without any bother. It's what comes from looking through frames all day. I've been keeping bees for 15 years and I still faff around.....
when we did our 'job creation' week with ChrisB at Saltway bees in Bromsgrove way back when, the weather was like it is now and we had a week of constant cold weather and rain/drizzle (In fact, just like now the awful weather carried on until well into May) we opened hundreds of hives through it all, also did a thorough foulbrood inspection of three large apiaries with an SBI as muggins here had found EFB in a hive ('just one bloody cell mate! and you had to find it!') we were cracking through those hives, for speed and efficiency,I was opening them up, removing the end stores frames then moving on to the next hive and repeat, the SBI was following and doing his disease check, then someone else was closing up after him - he was working so fast I was struggling to open up in time for him to dive in and do a full inspection.

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