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Out of curiosity has anyone tried warming jars/small buckets in the electric oven. Wouldn't that work the same way?
I do regularly. Cheap probe thermometer from ebay, use it to check temp of oven as the internal thermostat or manual dials are less reliable at low temperatures. I found where mine seems to cycle between 35-39°C and marked it on the dial. Occasionally I do a check with the thermometer but seems consistent. Have posted links to example thermometers on here in other threads.
First Lidl is still fine after 10 years but when I bought another it got used for cleaning frames. The second lasted 2 years then the thermostat failed.
The Klarstein I bought just before Christmas. It’s very similar to the Lidl but more robust and SS
Hey, was just wondering does the
It’s a nice thing. Solid. It came from Germany so delivery was a couple of weeks.
I was just wondering does that unit grill klarstein cut out after 2 hours as I see there is a 2hr timer on it. Thanks

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