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Equipment For Sale Home made honey warming cabinet

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Feb 25, 2011
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Hi guys I have a home made honey warming cabinet similar to the one Thornes sold for £300. It’s made from marine ply both inside and out. It has a layer of cellotex to keep the insulation as it’s best and I used two small electric greenhouse heaters under the floor part which mesh lets the heat through. It can hold two large 70lb buckets at the same time and I have it set at 50 degrees but it can be adjusted higher or lower on a thermostat which cuts in and out plus I have place a fan in there to circulate the heat. I need to get rid of it as I am converting the area it’s stood in early next week and it’s in the way. £50 please. We live 4 miles west of Oxford. Or I can deliver up to 30 miles for the fuel costs.

The photo is the one from Thornes which looks almost identical as this is what I used to model mine.


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