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Just looking for views / recommendations as to what everyone is using these days to heat their home made warming cabinets?
I was using 2 x old style 40w filament bulbs but need to replace as they have now expired - tried a 1’ 45w greenhouse heater but couldn’t get the temperature above 18C.
My cabinet is constructed of a 2”x2” wooden frame, 5’ tall and 2’6” square (internal dimensions) frame is infilled with 50mm foil back kingspan all sealed with foil tape, then completely covered with another 50mm outer layer and door is 100mm insulated
I use 300 watt fan element controlled with a STC1000 thermostat it works really well. They are also available in 400 watt. The controller cycles it on and off and maintains a perfect temperature. Here is the Amazon link for the 300 watt version

As I have just shared in my related thread, I am using a vivarium temp controller connected to a ceramic heater. It is my first time needing to warm honey and so far so good.

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