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wanted bees!

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Aug 12, 2009
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hi, just setting up would like a nuc or complete hive, i know its a bit late, but would like to be able to start next year with a good strong colony. can any body help? thanks:)
tamworth, staffs. is that any good to you?
Beesatbobs are at sutton coalfield is that the chap you mean ?

I had two nucs of him 5 frame and six frame very strong bee they are ! have now AS them and they now made 4 very strong hives of bees

Good man to deal with.
Packages bees £110.50each with queen starts MAY collect
Packages in crates of 5. Min 50 £100each starts MAY collect
NEW WORKING HIVE £185.50 MAY collect only
Nucs are £130.50 plus £30.0 delivery UK ONLY
Queens are £26.50 each plus £1.50 post
Please send;
1.Your Full Address-
2.Your Order-
3. full-payment! Or 10% none return deposit Chq as above--> no pay-pal credit card.
4.Your phone contact numbers-
5.Your Email address -
6. State If Collect- Deliver
7. Send payment or none retern10% deposit to confirm your order to:-

Mike Roberts ******* Products www.*******product.co.uk
High Meadow, Henley Bank, Green Lane,
Shurdington Rd, Brockworth, Gloucester, GL3 – 4PZ
Phone 01452-862420 or 07971- 806670

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