When is too late in year to set a nuc up

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May 14, 2024
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Hi my first time posting on here.
I’m after a bit of advice, I would like to purchase a queen bee from northumberlandhoney the queen I want wount be available until 8 July, is this too late for me to make a nuc up, take 3 frames of brood from my other hive, will the nuc be strong enough to successfully make it through the winter, or at this time in the year are the queens only useful for requeening existing hive?
Cheers Tom
Usually make my Nuc’s up for over wintering end of July, have even had to remove the odd frame of brood occasionally as some built up that fast I feared over crowding and a strong HB flow may have triggered a late swarm. Other thing to watch for is robbing especially if you have strong colonies near by that have just had late summer honey removed

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