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The Hyde Ranger

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Dec 12, 2009
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Swansea, South Wales.
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Vectis Apiculture have a sale on that might be of interest to some of You, there are 3 skeps 30 x 30, 38 x 38 and 45 x 45 for £35.00 or just the 30 x 30 for £10, an all in one suit with veil and gloves for £35.00 and a hive tool set wich includes a stainless steel smoker(4x7), stainless steel hive tool, bee brush and a frame grip for £16.00 and all the prices include the postage, I dont know what the quallity is like, I will let You know hen I get My new suit and tools Regards Nigel.
MrsTaff bought me a beginners set from them for christmas last year, this included a national hive, suit, smoker, hive tool, frame grip and brush.

the hinge pin on the smoker broke after a couple of months but I have used a nail to replace it without any problems, no grumbles about anything else :)
I just ordered the tools as well to keep at the allotment.

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