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Jan 8, 2009
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surrey/kent border
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Hi There

am fairly new to bee keeping and am just about to get my third hive ,my previous two have both had bottom bee space and i was wondering what people think are the merits of top bee space and what they would go for out of choice. Any advice very welcome

thanks Russ
As you allready have 2 hives with bottom space stick with these otherwise you may get the hive parts mixed up and get squashed bees. I dont think the bees are bothered what type you have as long as they are the same. :cheers2:
Hi Russ,welcome to the forums.

What hives are you running now Nationals?

Some of the beekeepers I have spoke with seem to like TBS on Langs and Smiths,I have both bottom and top bee space hives and and just as happy with either.

Funny thing is the TBS hives always seem to be packed with more bees when I first take the cover board off.
If you are looking for efficiency then TBS every time, as they are faster to work and there is far less damage to the bees.

Used both,find that i can do either just as fast.
Thanks fo replies currently I am running WBC hives but plan to get a national next and was wondering whether a top space would make it easier to avoid squashing bees!
I have found it makes no difference,with correct use of the smoker of course.

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