Todays Flights Bee Style

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I like the bumble at the bottom of the second pic.
Nice pics you even captured a bumble bee in the bottom one.
Superb pictures!

You are obviously a caring beek; there's not many that provide a door to the field, so the bee's can close it to keep warm in the Winter - good thinking!

Do you have planning permision for that door ?
That could be the start of a house build,nice pics.

Is that a Hivemaker hive I see ?
What time of day was the shot taken? I seem to get an awful lot of bees out around lunchtime when the weather is good. I assume it is young bees orienting, they hang out in a cloud in front and circle around the garden, I love sitting up by the hive just watching. They haven't sent me on my way yet.

Is that a Hivemaker hive I see ?

Admin, Yep sure is, good gear.

Subbuteo, was taken around 2pm, I hung around for a while and was sent packing but this was another set of bees I have close by not in the picture.

Busy Bee
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