Super Frames- what to do?

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Oct 17, 2019
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Kilkenny, Ireland
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I have quite a number of super frames that look something like the two in the photo.

Is the white stuff just crystallised store?
What to do?
  • Just trim the frames and put the supers on above the Brood box when the time comes?
  • Put a box of them below the Brood box now and hope the bees will bring it up to the BB.
  • Cut out the whole thing and fit new foundation?
  • Or .....?


  • Super Frames.JPG
    Super Frames.JPG
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You probably got some ivy honey in there, as jenks advised just use as normal. You could if you like give a little spray of water, they may even use some but often end up dumping the hard crystals.
Have you been feeding your bees fondant when there were supers on the hive ? Looks more like fondant or sugar to me than honey ...
This certainly looks like crystallised honey to me

Screenshot 2023-02-09 at 07.06.56.png

Stored fondant doesn't look any different to stored honey, after all the bees eat it then regurgitate it as a liquid.
Taste it.

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