strange things a foot at the allotment

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hedgerow pete

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Jan 26, 2009
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went to the ranch today as i have loads of weeding to do and i found a box by the chicken pen door it contained two i belive doves they might be pigeons but i have never seen pure white pigeons before so i now own two more dickie birds i will have to build a dove cote and will see if they want to stay around
Has anyone upset you lately Pete? Sounds like they have sent you a peace offering :) or they think your next project should be a reconstruction of "Noah's Ark" :smilielol5:
nope worse than that apparently they were delivered to another plot because one of the lads wanted to make are you ready for this because he could not do it ready

still ready

they were brought in response to some one wanting to make pigeon curry!!!!!!
Argh curry pidgeon, what a waste of good pidgeon. Skin them, remove the breasts and pan fry with a little garlic and olive oil, serve with saute potatoes and fresh garden veg Mmmmmmm :drool5:
And what do you do with the breasts? Discard them?

He he!

No seriously, used to remove breasts and dice and sear in a fry pan. Pressure cooked to tenderise and then made into pigeon and mushsroom/onion pies. Couldn't tell the difference between that and a beef and mushroom pie (so we found, when tried on some unsuspecting and very fussy about 'wot they ate' ladies.) Was only with mushrooms and onions 'cos ex didn't like kidney.

Lead shot was bad enough to bite on. I daresay modern steel is worse.

Regards, RAB
The farm next to the farm I shoot on puts down birds, but if they are on the land I shoot on...fair game says my farmer!:cheers2:
Hi Jim,
I guess death is the chance the birds take for feeding on your farmers crops!
Gambling birds; do they feel lucky? :toetap05:
i love phesant , when i used to live in south warks we used to have hundreds of em but not in brum

Probably too many foxes Pete.

I don't think I fancy eating those, or Brummie pigeons (Rock Doves), for that matter. Too much like flying rats for my liking, but probably unreasoned prejudice. Still spoils my appetite for them though, but I like eating pigeon if I think it's been living in a wood eating farmer's corn !
A few pounds of wheat scatted 50 yards from the Pheasants boundary works wonders:) Don't let the keeper see you scattering it though - removing birdshot from the backside hurts:cheers2: Mike
I've always fancied breeding quails for the pot, but I don't know how practical it is. :confused:
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