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Can't think of any books to suggest,i found that going on a microscopy course was the best way for me to learn,and actually looking at the various diseases.
Electronic microscope as in your link,no good for bee disease,but good for the kids to play with.
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i want to practise morphology i think its writen like that, any way i want to see what type of bee i have and to do that i want to look at the outside and wings, according to your other posts , i have gone through the search button, all i realy need is a scope doing x20, x 50-100, and something around the x250 mark, i have been looking on feabay there is someone floging microscope bodies, but the question is now do all micro scope lens fit other scope bodies and how do i fit them
Pete, don't buy from ebay, you don't yet have enough knowledge and experience to spot the junk.

Buy from Brunel. It will be cheaper and much better.

Bcrazy, I'm sure you will have advice to offer on this point.

Bought mine new from brunel,really helpful people to deal with,and good backup.
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i have looked through several web sites on micro scopes and so far it is either well out of budget or so cheap i will not do what i want, at the end of the day what i wanted was something cheap and cheer full to play with and to try bee wing identity and general micro scope works, but so far all i keep doing is banging my head against the wall, so there is only one thing to do and thats to blindly go out and spend some money using the pin in a catalogue skill, i must admit everyone pans them but the usb microscope for £40 connected to the old computer, is looking good as it ticks so many boxs for me, so thats computer storage , which will meen computer avalibility to email and or upload, i can also send to other people to help compare and identify, so top marks for usb scope the other all fail on storage of image and what to do with it, ie twiddling knobs and glass slides, and bcrazy is right for the most part to do wing identification all you have to do is mount 10 wings on a slide and project it against a wall which i have a projector for all ready (£10 from fleabay) but i wanted to start to go further
Ok Pete, suck it and see, I'll help if you get stuck on the computery bits if I can. JC.
First post to this forum, so Hi and thanks for the interesting reading so far.

Hedgerow Pete asked "secondly are these electronic microscopes any good"

Hopefully, here are a few pics of a hoverfly wing taken with one of these things my model is a Teho Discovery, identical to the ebay one, bought from Maplins for around £45. Quality can be much better, I have taken these at 640 x 480, you can go up to 1600 x 1200.

Hope these give you an idea of what these gadgets can do.


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