Single charged queen / swarm cell spotted!

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Apr 17, 2024
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Hi everyone,

I just did my second full inspection, after two weeks of receiving a nuc of Carnolians. Good weather has arrived in the West Country!

I'd be grateful for some advice. The summary of my inspection is as follows - I would remind people that I am a novice.

Frame 10 - Being built out well, lots of uncapped liquid food, some pollen filled cells.
Frame 9 - Like Frame 10, but better built out, and more pollen cells.
Frame 8 - Capped food in corners, with more pollen cells.
Frame 7 - Lots of brood in centre, capped food on edge, queen seen, x 1 definite Queen cell hanging off the bottom of the frame with Royal Jelly
Frame 6 - Lots of brood and stores on edge
Frame 5 - Like frame 6
Frame 4 - More brood, drone brood on edge, uncapped liquid food, being capped off
Frame 3 - Being built out well, liquid food, some capped
Frame 2 - Being built out, liquid food +, some capped
Frame 1 - Just starting to be built out.

Super - quite a few bees in there and they are actively building out centrally.

What would be the advice here? Artificial swarm? I have a spare hive with a brood box which I can site about 2m away. snag is I'm away for a week on Sunday!

Many thanks


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