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Mar 27, 2009
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Hello all,
Has anyone bought one of the new Sherriff lightweight, Breathable nylon Suits, I am after something light and cool, this suit seems to fit the bill but it is expensive and is it any good/worth it?

Many Thanks, Enzo.
I have had a number of Sherrif suits over the years and yes they are reasonably cool but the lightness is not sting proof and the veils have a nasty habit of blowing against your face leaving ear lobes in particular vulnerable.

Like everything at the end of the day its a matter of what you want at what price and what compromise you want to make for what ever aspect suits you.

Hi Enzo

I have one that was bought for AHB in hotter climates and it works well. I normally wear just shorts and long sleeve t-shirt underneath. I am not so sure it's the best as I think there are one or two better American models, but it's the best you will find in the U.K.

If the suit is going to get a huge amount of rough work then try one of there standard all in one's and thin down your normal clothes underneath.

Also Sheriff are great at after sale repairs/customer care.

Regards Ian
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I agree Ian and should have mentioned it that they are very good in deed at after sales care.

Thanks for the input guys, I just find I get hot in a suit, the sherriff I have at the moment is the coolest one I've tried but I have seen this new Sherriff lightweight suit advertised and wondered what it was like.

All The Best, Enzo.
Rip stop nylon I believe. Watch out for sparks from your smoker and brambles are more of a problem than usual. I'm not entirely convinced but I have seen them used by busy bee farmers, but never worn one myself.
I have used BB wear suits for the last 8 years at least and find them both light weight, cool and of good quality but cheaper than sheriff, I don't think anyone make a suit that bees cannot sting through if they are determined enough.
For sure.

I am currently using a suit that is designed for Africanised bees and they can sting through it if they feel they have to. :)

One layer - they can sting you easily.

Two layers - the determined nasties will get you sometimes.

Three layers - pretty well impervious, as long as not too flimsy.

Downside is: the more layers, the hotter you get!!

I reckon with two layers, the barbs (generally) don't go so deep and the layer above often pulls the sting out almost immediately, so less venom.

I swell quite a lot; so I am careful to reduce the number of stings. Like someone has said (Steve?), more worrying by others (about the swelling), than me.

Regards, RAB

For those that have not seen it the light weight Sheriff it has a string vest like material in some areas to hold the thin nylon fabric away from the skin. This obviously prevents the sting reaching important parts as well as helping ventilation. You may wish to ask for an increase in some areas, I did and they happily added some bits......

Regards Ian
Hopefully I will get the chance to see one at stoneleigh and if it looks good, maybe order one,

Thanks for your views, Enzo.
Many years ago RAF firemen used to get issued long sleeved string vests as part of their kit. I looked a while ago for a supplier but only found one on ebay. I was thinking about a bit of ventilation and separation at the same time.
Would that be string vest and stripey trousers then Hombre,thought you Hombre's had a lot of hard bark on
Not sure about the stripy trousers, but as for the stripy shirt, well it's coming up time for Stoneleigh again soon :)

Visions of Rab C Nesbitt LOL.
Got more than a few stings on the inside of my upper arms last year, where it's quite a bit softer than bark.