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Feb 13, 2009
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I have been thinking about putting a rhubarb crown or two in the garden- am I too late now this year or can i still hot foot it down to the garden centre?
I dont think you are too late, well I hope not cos I have a clump I bought a months or so back waiting to be planted. But dont hope for any this year.

I have an old clump in the garden that is allready started shooting
No not to late at all, go quick and get it planted. After about a week put some horse shite on it. Water well.

Busy Bee

Mine is ready to be harvested.
I put a clump in in April last year.... the whole thing died, so I put a clump in last month and I don't seem to be doing very well with that either. I must have rubbishy soil or something..:(
soil or rhubarb ?

its never to late to plant rhubarb all you have to do is find someone who has some ie local allotments and under ground is a solid lump og roots that all you have to do is hack a lump offmake sure you have a growing point with it and as for the soil dig a hole loosen the soil at the bottom and keep watering for at least a month two gallons per plant to get it growing and as for mine i grow them inside two tyres/ tubes and each year in winter i just fill it up with horse muck or compost. good luck marcus
In the winter I cover with a bucket to protect from frost. Just dont forget its there. I hadnt been to that area of my garden for a couple of weeks - wondered why I had an elevating bucket:rolleyes:
Thanks everybody.

Both custard and horse much have their uses for rhubarb. it is all about selecting the right one for the time!!
Heather I don't think you need protect it from frost in winter, rhubarb is tough as old boots. In fact when they want to force really early rhubarb using warmth they dig up the roots and expose them to the frost before planting them inside. People put buckets over rhubarb to bring it on slightly earlier and to draw out long slender and delicate shoots.
Frost allegedly makes the stuff sweeter, a bit like parsnips. Mines gone mental this year. Only have 3 crowns and its already made the cost of the allotment!

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