Pot-shot ID, please

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Are you able to access the CCTV footage and perhaps we can see who is correct?
Do you know the answer to the original question?
I reported it to the site manager and she took it equably, so we agreed it was probably a one-off, and not worth a lot of fuss.

No idea of the weapon, but BB or catapult is easy to carry hidden.
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Although, assuming they didn't have permission to shoot on the site, it is classed as "armed trespass" even with a low power weapon, and carries a 5 year prison sentence!
I have an air rifle for target and rat shooting, the same applies if I allow a pellet to cross into a neighbour's land.
Criminal Damage...(carries a ten year sentence),wonder what else they shot at...take a look at that cctv, hopefully identify the culprit, then report, or ask for a new nuc by way of compensation...otherwise they might be back for a bit more target practice!
A few yeats ago I had some idiot who decided that they would use a hive of mine for target practice with an airgun. I found about half a dozen pellets embedded just in the surface by the polystyrene and little damage. Never happened again so I guess they got bored. The impact was likely so absorbed by the poly the bees never even knew. Minimal damage - in fact the pellets might still be in the surface if I had a look,
Used to have a BSA Meteor airgun the range was pretty limited the new gun I have now from Turkey is very near to the legal limit may even exceed it .The limit is 11lb/foot I believe .The new gun will kill a rabbit at a range the old gun wouldnt even reach.

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