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Is there any data available about u.v. degradation of these hives?
Poly products outdoors are susceptible to this.
Usually an inhibitor is added.
The outside needs to be painted to protect it.

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Thanks Roy.
Not sure if this is what I'm looking for.
Is the paint a uv inhibitor?
Normally uv inhib. is added to the mix when they are making outdoor poly products.
When the hive reaches the end of it useful life, in say 20 years, it is a good idea that it bio-degrades by the action of UV and algae. If there are inhibitors in the polystyrene, then this will take much longer to break down the polystyrene. You could see this as one of the drawbacks of using polystyrene in the first place, but I think it is a better use for oil than just burning it!

For some more information see ModernBeekeeping.

Member "Rooftops" should be along soon,he sells hundreds of Poly hives and will have the full spec/Data sheets for them.
Rooftops there is advertising and then there is spam.
Two different things in my book..
Twenty years is certainly not the life span of these hives. I had some that were near twenty and they were pretty pristine bar the hive strap marks which incidently didn't increase in depth with each move but stayed the same.

I had some hive parts particularly floors that were over thirty years old and as above were going well.

The paint is normal gloss or emulsion and works fine to protect the material.

If you want the best of accommodation for your bees then poly is the way to go.

My oldest polyboxes are 22 years old and i am going to use them next 20 years.
Uv is not a problem.
If woodpecker or mouse make a hole you may repair it with polyurethane glue.
And a hive tool to kill the mouse. Haven´t done the woodpecker culling course yet.
Swienty seem to have stopped making their National Hive. Is anyone aware of another poly national of similar quality?

They are also showing most other equipment as out of stock. Hope it's just a glitch and not something serious............................................
Must be a glitch I hope, I just ordered 42 medium langs off them 4 days ago. :) amongst other things.
If you leave that insulation exposed the bees will chew it to shreds. Trust me been there...


They sure will do that. And that material you cannot keep clean for example walls get poo.

Ants love to live inside that blue board.
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