OSR Pollen.... colour?

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Dec 4, 2008
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I have always thought of it as yellow.

I see others calling it olive and other shades.

Anyone agree it is yellow?

Ive wondered this too, i have noted my bees bringing in bright yellow pollen, havent a clue what it is, but dismissed as OSR as people were stating that its olive or dark...
I was wondering this also, as mine are right next to a OSR field . Flying towards it and coming back with yellow pollen, so i thought OSR pollen.But agree others have said different colours and has got me a bit confused.
I am not confused. LOL

I have 20 odd colonies on OSR and all of them have yellow pollen in the brood combs and on the pollen baskets arriving on the front of the hives.

Been the same for 20 years.

I am curious as to whether my colour vision is out or what?

Mine are the same colour, yellow. So i would of thought our eyes are ok lol
LOL I know they are as I passed every colour blindness test.

Latterly annually.

Before I forget had to laugh when I spotted the ONE cell of Horse Chestnut sitting there in the middle of a sea of yellow. (virgin at home!)

For them what are wondering... Bees tend to "clog" brood combs with pollen when there are Virgins about. Not plural per colony but in my case plural in the apiary. And yes I am quite happy with this.

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If you look at a pollen identification chart (IBRA)
it will show OSR pollen as a sort of light olive colour, however, i am lead to believe that this is the colour it would appear under a microscope.
perhaps someone can confirm that?
Hi, I got a pollen chart from the convention, one by Stephen Hardy, it shows OSR pollen as a mediumish yellow.
The problem with that chart is ink.

(Printers son here) What starts out as a valid and good intention gets distorted.

would a photograph version online stay as true colours ?
Maybe a sticky for Admin
Goodness knows what one of my hives were bringing in today. Looked sort of beige/yellow-beige and almost all the same. All the other hives it was a random mix.

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