Local Surrey late summer flow?

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Jun 14, 2023
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Surrey, England
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Anyone else seeing a late summer flow?

My bees seemingly haven't read the books, nor looked at the calendar.
Had a slow down last week, was looking to remove the supers this weekend. Now we're back to heavy traffic. Bright orange (Lime tree?) and pale yellow (Honeysuckle?) pollen.

Wasps are snooping around, but hive entrances are now choka with bee activity. So they'll have to wait until things slow down and I get the wasp baffles on.
seeing a late summer flow?
Proper flying out West, though can't be much about except gardens: fuschia, goldenrod opening, knapweed, maybe late thistle, bit of HB.

Put some old heather combs above box feeders on heather colonies (remains from last year) and though they cleaned the combs, I found fresh nectar in several.

200 yards away on the heath not a bee to be seen. Ling is only just opening, but it never amounts to much.

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