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Nov 12, 2008
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Well I will try to keep this short as I have been known to ramble on in the past! hehe

I have a keen interest in Traction engines, rollers, road locos, anything Steam, and mainly driven on the road/Field. Trains don't do it so much as you are confined to set routes, then again, it is still steam, and I have worked in the past for a short time as a boiler smith on Trains, good fun!

Traction engines will come in time, just now I have a classic minis, sold my Clubman Estate to pay for my Ford E83W Steel backed pickup:-

(Will find a pic and add here at some point)

I also have recently bought a C1879 56" Penny Farthing:-

(Another pic here)

I have regular escapades with the Ford, only last night I broke down in the pitch balck in the middle of a road, 1/2 an hour sorted it out, and a swing of the handle and she went.

I am actually interested in anything with age, and have been called certain names, Horder comes up on a regular basis. I collect old tools, have a 1903 lathe in the shed, that is a health and safetey night mare, open gears and belts flying all over, lots of old push bikes, most needing work.

Well I will get you a picture of my garage, taken a while back, just in the process of making a new bigger shed, to be rented from a local farmer.

Cheers, and sorry for rambling!

Hi Dave

I have an intrest in Lister Deisel Engines. I have been looking at geting at CS 6hp to run it on waste motor oil, powering an alternator for my house mains power.

Also was looking at utilizing the engine heat linked into the house central heating.

Basicaly a micro CHP plant.

But i am still only looking,

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