New extractor - advice please.

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Feb 28, 2010
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Suffolk/Norfolk border
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Hi all
I have just taken delivery of a 9 frame manual radial extractor, having used a 6 frame tangential for years.
I managed to put it together and need to use it tomorrow.
I am just a bit confused about how the frames fit?
It has 9 slots for frames which I assume you place the frames in with the bottom of the frame in the middle of the extractor??

It also came with 3 metal baskets which look like the frame holders on my radial extractor. Am I right to think that these don't fit in at the same tome as the 9 frame spoke arrangement. Are they in case you wanted tangential extraction????

Thanks in advance for your help.
Yes the bottoms of the frames go towards the middle and the other baskets normally fit into slots in the cage to use it tangentially.

9 frame radial and three tangential in case you are heather tempted.

Cazza, comb is built with a slight upward incline from the central spine (about 15' from the horizontal) hence the reason the frame tops face out so there is a natural flow away from the comb. I've just taken delivery of what sound like the same extractor, I hope we are comparing success stories soon. R
Thanks for the confirmation, I feel much more confident know.
I knew the comb was built at an angle and that was why I thought it had to be bottoms in. (Physics A level!- not telling you what grade though.)

I will be giving it a whirl later today. I'm hoping it will be a lot quicker than my old one as I won't have to swap the combs over. (Will I?)

I love extracting, the competition with myself to uncap the comb as thinly as possible, the satisfying swish as the honey rushes out, the hand cranking experience, the smell of wax and honey, the sight of bees battering at the window to get in my honey shed, ( beeproof.)

Happy days.:hurray:
Oh new extractor,
how do I love thee?
let me count the ways.......

I wish I'd upgraded years ago.
The extraction was so quick and easy, no frame turning and so easy to clean.

Happy, happy days.

will you be bringing some fresh honey for pollen analysis this weekend at Flatford Mill? Or shall we assume it's all OSR?
I admire your powers of recall. See you at Flatford!:party:

I'll bring old honey from August - the new stuff will be mostly OSR.


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