My first nail of 2009

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Jul 28, 2008
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Hampshire uk
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What with the weather being a bit better I thought it was about time I started to plan for this year.

I managed to asemble 5 cedar brood boxes this afternoon.
My plan now is to make up the frames but leave out one bottom bar and the foundation.

Must admit it did feel good to be doing some bee stuff again after the long winter.
con gratulations, come on then whats the thumb like blue dark blue realy dark blue, missing?, I have collected so far from work loads of ply and will have to start trimming some of it before my bee wood working weekend, but should have enough for my newbie to be kitted out aswell as my three nucs and four hives ( nationals+ 2supers). this weekend was the best my newbie found out how mind numbing frams are she has over a broad and one super to do, where as i have over 60 to get on with,
I have been doing the same 4 new hives assembled treated with cuprionol as well now i got all those frames to do :ack2:
Poly hives push together, takes some two minutes to assemble and ten to paint.



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