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Yes its all down to that QE.

Look at the roof pic. I posted this on #45. Ii it were taken from the end the dimensions may be fore-shortened, but it is nearly on the diagonal so unless the pic has been severely compressed in one direction, then that roof is nowhere near square.

Post #8 says, quote in entirety:
Also look at the plastic queen excluder in relation to size of box!!!


Does not even mention the roof pic!

Not even sure that the Q/E was included in the sale!

Square man! its not square! but the QE is. :party::chillpill: RAB

Yes the QE was not included in the sale along with the wax or frames.

This gives me an idea for the BKF xmas quiz.

we can all submit various photos of bits of hives, shots from odd angles, holiday snaps and then everyone gets points for each one they correctly identify.

winner gets to sign themselves off as RAB for a week!