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Apr 4, 2020
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West Sussex
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The entrance block, which has panel pins to keep mice out, blew out of place in Feb's gales. It was half out for about 48 hours.
It should have been a better fit I know.
Judging by the strangely concentrated pile of cappings on the varroa board do I have a mouse in there?
If yes, is an early examination in next week's warmer weather the route to take?
I have wondered about taking the block out and putting a mouse trap outside.


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Take the entrance block out and give the hive a really good thump.
If there is a mouse there it might just make a break for it.
You could take a cat with you if you have one ;)
It's a bit odd but normally mouse damage tends to be more coarse debris than that when they chew up the combs ... I think it''s more likely that the bees are clustered in a warm corner of the hive and what you are seeing is just concentrated but normal debris from the colony .,,,, more normally you would see the debris in a line corresponding to the line of the frame(s).
2005 found dead shrew on floorboard presumably stung to death
September 2014 lifted roof and found mouse on top of crown board . It froze like" rabbit in headlights" enabling me to take the photo before if regained its senses and leapt off to disappear in the undergrowth.


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