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Nov 10, 2008
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Maesteg South Wales
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Just had this from my association

I have just been informed that 6 beehives with bees(possibly more) have been stolen from a field situated between Bridgend and Wick (Vale of Glamorgan). The beekeeper last visited these hives in September but markings in the grass suggest that the theft has taken place in the last few days.
The hives were situated at least half a mile from the nearest road and were in an isolated posiotion with no dwellings in the vicinity or public footpaths. They could not be seen from the road and it is a mystery as to why anyone should have been able to see these hioves let alone steal them. The thief would have needed a 4 x 4 vehicle to access the apiary site although a wheelbarrow may have been a possibility.
Hives are described as the pick of the bunch made of pine, not painted and in quite new condition. Please can you circulate to your members as several thefts have been reported of hives between Bridgend area and Cardiff in the last three years and it would obviously help if beekeeping association members could be vigilant in helping to identify those responsible.

Sad news Veg, thanks for the heads up and have contacted my association of this crime

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