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Nov 6, 2022
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I use the Dartington Long Deep (DLD) hive, developed 47 years ago so well tested.
The DLD is designed to be made at home , no joints, just butting together plywood pieces cut at a local builder’s merchant - needs a pair of long window clamps that might be available from your association - or perhaps a local beekeeper is also a carpenter who would clamp it all together for you, with luck. Material cost less than £100, a sixth of the cost of a Hyde hive at £600.
The design of the DLD is very flexible. I keep examples in my teaching apiary using six different frame sizes for comparison - British single standard brood, double standard brood, deep (14x12) as long hive or best in ‘combination mode’ with half sized honeyboxes above. 14x18 (Russian) , 11x18 (close to Layens but adjusted to fit UK extractor). All work but So far the bees seem to prefer the 11x18 with honeyboxes above, to suit their needs. Beekeepers can make look/handle all the possibilities and make their own choice.
I do not sell hives or ask for royalties on the two booklets available from Northern Bee Books. I do have a dozen ‘well-loved’ hives for lending out at no cost, so bkprs can try the system at home.
The pic shows a display DLD ready for taking off a Taranov swarm. The entrance blocks have been pushed into th erear entrance to form a ledge on which the honeyboxes have been lodged, the two part roof is set up as a ramp. An empty Carry Box (each hive has two) has been set upside down for the artificial swarm to run insIde When the bees fro mall the brood frames have been shaken off beside it. The long box will then be divided with a simple push in divider, and the swarm run back in the evening.
Email me on rdartington@gmail if interested.

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